Earlier in November, two more statues were added to Legends Row outside the Air Canada Centre, Syl Apps and George Armstrong.  Both men were Maple Leaf Captains and both men wore jersey number 10.

below:  Blue and white confetti at the unveiling of the latest statues on Legends Row.

Legends Row at the unveiling of statues of Syl Apps and George Armstrong, lots of bits of blue and white paper stream down in front of the statues.

below: An old photo showing Syl Apps and a young George Armstrong when the latter was given Maple Leaf jersey 10 to wear.  Armstrong was the first player to wear number 10 since Apps had retired.

Old black and white picture from the Hockey Hall of Fame, showing Syl Apps (after retirement from hockey) and George Armstrong after Armstrong was given number 10 Maple Leaf jersey to wear.

below:  George Armstrong, past and present, at the unveiling.  Armstrong played 21 seasons with the Maple Leafs between 1950 and 1971.  After retiring from playing hockey, he coached the Toronto Marlies for a few seasons and he was on the Maple Leaf scouting staff for many years.

George Armstrong stands beside the statue of himself while reporters and others take pictures.

below:  Also, number 10, Syl Apps joined the Maple Leafs in 1936.  While he was captain of the Maple Leafs, the team won three Stanley Cups.  Apps retired in 1948.

statue of hockey player Syl Apps stands with stick in hand in Legends Row outside the ACC in Toronto

below: left to right: Mats Sundin, Borje Salming, Darryl Sittler and Ted Kennedy

Legends Row statues, Sundin, Salming, Kennedy and Sittler

below: George Armstrong and Johnny Bower

Legends ROw statues George Armstrong and Johnny Bower

below: left to right: Borje Salming, Darryl Sittler, Ted Kennedy and Syl Apps

Legends Row statues, Borje Salming, Ted Kennedy and Syl Apps stand behind the boards while Darryl Sittler is jumping over the boards.

below: Just around the corner, two statues of a slightly different nature

Two mannequins, one male and one female, are dressed in Maple Leaf hockey clothing.  Toques, heavy sweaters, T-shirts and scarfs, all in blue and white with the Leafs logo

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