Andy Warhol Revisited
presented by Revolver Gallery,
on display at 77 Bloor St. West

below:  Three Andy Warhol’s watch the passersby on Bloor Street.

statues of Andy Warhol, one pink, one yellow and one blue, in a window of an art gallery,  He's dressed in black, with black rimmed glasses and his hands are folded over his chest in all three statues.  Life sized.

below:  Three prints from Warhol’s Mohammad Ali series

Two women are sitting ona silver couch in an art gallery.  On the wall in front of them are 3 silkscreen Andy Warhol prints of Mohammad Ali.

 below:  Iconic Campbells soup cans on black and white stripes.  To the left, a young Lucille Ball and a young Ronald Regan amongst other cultural references.

prints of three Campbells soup cans on a black and white striped wall, cheddar cheese, old fashioned vegetable, and hot dog bean.  To the left a woman is looking at other Andy Warhol prints on a wall including a print of Mickey Mouse, Lucille Ball and a young Ronald Regan.

below:  Prints from Warhol’s Cowboys and Indians series.

Some of Warhol's Cowboys and Indians series prints hang on a gallery wall as two young Asian men walk past. There is also a couple sitting on a silver coloured couch in the right side of the photo.

The exhibition continues until the end of December 2015 although apparently a new set of pictures will be shown starting sometime in October.

A collage of photos of Andy Warhol, many photos, about 100 or more

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