Since most of the city woke up to snow flurries this morning, I thought I would take a quick look back over the past month.  October was a beautiful month with many clear sunny days.  The leaves on the trees turned wonderful colours this autumn and the colours lingered for a few weeks.

Blue skies, autumn colours

A man is suspended from the roof of a tall building by a rope.  He has a bucket and he is washing windows.  The CN Tower is close by and seems to loom in the background.

Washing windows in the shadow of the CN Tower.

Two tall condo buildings.  Sun is reflecting off the balconies of the condo in background.  In the foreground is a balcony with a large plant.  Sun is shining directly on the plant so it looks like it is in a spotlight.

Afternoon on the balcony. Condos on Blue Jays Way.


older row houses in the background along with a tree covered in yellow and gold leaves.  A large tree that has already lost its leaves is in the foreground.

Clarence Square


Tall light grey brick apartment building with cirved bluish balconies.  On one wall is the large shadow of another building with balconies.

Shadows of building on building, Roehampton Ave.


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