I ventured north today, north of the 401….. to Havenbrook Park which is just far enough north to access the bridge under the 401 just east of Leslie Street.  I went there because I had heard that some interesting graffiti could be found under the bridge.  As you can see, someone beat me to it.  It’s all gone, all cleaned up.

There is a small, and boring, amount of graffiti across the river and up the hill.   If I also wanted to climb the fence, I could access a bit more graffiti.  My cane was handy for managing the incline down to the river but that was the limit of my adventuring for today.

concrete supports, part of the bridge over the Don River

Having said that, there was this one piece of graffiti:

a stencil graffiti in black and white of a woman's face.

The graffiti had been cleaned up and so had the surroundings.  It was probably the cleanest of the bridges that I have been under in Toronto.  I saw rocks, dirt, water, paw prints and not much else.

paw prints in the mud





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