Late last week a friend and I were walking to the Kensington area to take some pictures. We almost didn’t get there because we were distracted by a number of small alleys along the way. This is a small sample of what we saw that day.

A mural of the Great Wall of China has been painted on the side of a building.  There is a hydro pole in front of it with a sign that says no dumping.

shadows on the Great Wall of China

The words, Never lose your dinosaur, are written in large yellow letters on the side of a red brick house.

Never lose your dinosaur

Black wall with a robot and heart sticker.  Someone has written the words, what's real?  what's not?on the wall as well

robot love – is it real?

A line of robot stickers on a short yellow pole in an alley

I guess one could make jokes about pole dancing robots.

buildings in an alley that have graffiti on them.  the CN Tower is in the background

in front of the CN tower

crsy tag on an old grey wood garage in an alley

on a grey and weathered wall

two storey building painted grey and purple.  The stairwell to the upper level is open.  It is painted purple.  There is an old chair on the landing.

purple entrance in the alley

graffiti image of a naked woman who is wearing an Indian feather headdress

loitering while wearing nothing except  a few feathers

Concrete block wall with the words blue, blue, blue written on it.  The sky behind is very blue.

Blue, very blue

A wall and door have been painted a maroon colour.  Someone has written the words Hi Buddy on the door.  There is a light fixture over the door but it is broken.

Hi Buddy on maroon

Black and white graffiti that says my spot

Please find your own.

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