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In a little lane that runs south of Graffiti Alley towards Richmond Street, I found four paintings that I don’t think that I have seen before.  The first one is this very realistic eye that looks like it’s keeping close watch on the rat with the red heart.  It was painted by @soortattoo aka Suren Davtyon, a Russian tattoo artist from Moscow.  That is the ‘one’ in the blog title.

street art painting by soortattoo aka Suren Davtyon, a realistic eye looking to the side, to see a rat holding a red heart

The ‘three’ refers to the fact that the next three that were on the same wall are by the same person, @inkcanon, who is also a tattoo artist.  Portraits of three women.   The first one is blowing bubbles, very big bubbles.

street art painting by inkcanon of a woman blowing a large bubble with bubble gum, in shades of pink and blue

street art painting by inkcanon, a k a Nico, of a woman's portrait in profile, blond hair, grey tones in face, blue and pink background

street art painting by inkcanon of a woman with long hair, vines growing up on either side of her.

A short walk earlier this month along the laneways  south of the Danforth near Woodbine Ave.

below: A mural by Monica on the Moon, styled after Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’ picture.   This is only part of it – the mural wraps around the back of the building.

wave mural by Monica on the Moon in a laneway, the mural is styled after Katsushika Hokusai

below: Just throwing a little bit of fun into the mix.  The ‘Great Wave’ has inspired many other great works of art over the years including this Cookie Monster one:

picture of Great Wave off by K Hir, with Cookie Monster eyes photoshopped onto the largest wave, a cookie added under the crest of the wave to make it looki like cookie monster (from Sesame Street) is eating the cookie.

below: Leaving the Danforth area briefly, there is also this mural by skam near Bloor and Bathurst.  You can find it in Loretto Lane on the side wall of Kinka Restaurant.

mural based on a Japanese picture called the Great Wave.  In it there is a fish jumping with the wave.  Mural on the side of a restaurant in a lane.

below: A little path leads onto a mural on Amroth Ave just south of the Danforth that was painted by Airways Airbrushing and Sign Co.    It was funded by the City of Toronto and the Danforth Mosaic BIA.

mural of a park scene, grass, garden, trees in spring, mural on the side of brick building.

below: Historical mural on a Bell box, ‘Danforth’ 1912 by Emilia Jajus 2012.

mural painted on a metal box on a sidewalk. Historical picture of the Danforth in 1912 painted by Emilia Jajus. A horse drawn wagon is going down a dirt road, a couple of buildings in the background.

below: Another Monica on the Moon mural

panorama picture of mural by Monica on the Moon, white line drawings on brown background, across the back of a building in a laneway

part of a mural by Monica on the Moon, white line drawings on brown background, across the back of a building in a laneway - jumping fish, a tree

a mural on the back of a building in a laneway. Brown background, white line drawing of different animals and shapes, two geese or ducks flying to the right, a tree painted beside a doorway.

mural by Monica on the Moon, white line drawings on brown background, across the back of a building in a laneway - a deer behind a metal gate, spirals and swirls

below: Alley ratz and company

On a white wall, a black line graffiti drawing of a rat with a long tail.

black line drawing on white fence with a hole in it. A face, and a lot of spirals

black line drawing on white fence with a hole in it. On a plywood fence, a face, and a lot of spirals

  below: A red fish swimming in bright blue by an unknown artist.

bright red fish with it's mouth open painted on a bright blue wood fence

mural painting on a wall, bright blue background, a person in silhouette, a red flower, a yellow and green butterfly, and a red tulip

sticker on a pole. The sticker covers part of a metal sign that says Attention across the top

Toronto Zombie Walk, Nathan Phillips Square,

26 October, 2013

The rain stopped just before the Zombie walk started but there was a very chilly wind blowing.  The weather didn’t stop the zombies!  It didn’t stop the fun either.

close up of a girl's face.  She has a fake mouth tied together with red embroidery thread

I met a zombie, and it was fun.


a mother and daughter dressed up as zombies.  Frizzy hair, grey skin and lots of fake blood dripping from their mouths.

keeping it in the family – like mother, like daughter


A woman with make up on her face to make her look like a zombie.

zombie repose, by the archer


A man with white makeup on his face, a chain around his neck and a plastic rat on his shoulder.

A rat’s best friend.


two girls with big bows around their necks, fake teeth and lots of blood

cute but bloodied


Two men.  The one on the right is wearing a hoodie that says smoke meth and hail satan.

They humoured me.


A zombie holding a large yellow Pokemon zombie.  He is screaming at a photographer

even Pokemon was not spared.


two woman dressed up like zombies.  The woman in the foreground has blood dripping off her chin and down her neck.  The woman in the background has a large ugly facial wound

dripping blood, and the eyes…….great zombie eyes!


a man made up to look like he has a pencil shoved into his eye

an eye for an eye, oh wait, a pencil for an eye


a girl with red frizzy hair who has white makeup on her face and a bloody mouth



A man with very long hair, a moustache and a beard with blood running down his face.  A fake leg is attached to his shoulder.  and he has chains around his neck

screaming, blood curdling screams……


Three people - two grey zombies and a young Asian woman who is pretending to be scared of the zombies

one of the many great interactions between the zombies and their audience


Two girls wearing woolly hats and very ugly fake teeth.  THey have lots of blood on their chinslots of b

so much for the orthodontics


three zombies dressed in white coveralls, sitting by The Archer sculpture in Nathan Phillips Square

even zombies need a break


Mayor Rob Ford poses for a photo op with a zombie

Rob Ford meets zombie


a woman with lots of fake blood on her chin and down her front