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On Saturday afternoon there was a small rally under the trees of Queens Park.  It was attended by a number of Toronto federal NDP candidates and it was about repealing bill C-51.   C-51 has been called the Anti-Terrorism Bill although it’s full name is:  “An Act to enact the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act and the Secure Air Travel Act, to amend the Criminal Code, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts.”

It was passed in June of this year by the Conservative government with support of the Liberals.  The NDP and Green party have been against this bill since the beginning.  Part of the NDP platform for the present federal election is the promise to repeal Bill C-51 if they are form the next government.

A group of NDP candidates from the GTA including Andrew Cash, Peggy Nash, Akil Sadikali, and Jennifer Hollett,are standing together. Olivia Chow is addressing the small crowd that has come to the rally to repeal Bill C 51. One of the candidates is holding a Tom Mulcair sign.

A woman reporter is talking to another woman at a protest rally. The woman being interviewed is holding a sign that says Thought Police, looks like you've had too much to think

Some people at a protest rally. Two young men are holding signs. One sign says Dump Harper Scrap CSIS. The other sign says People's needs not corporate greed.

Two women are holding up signs protesting Bill C 51.

A statue of the Canadian poet Al Purdy sitting in a park. A girl looking at a smartphone is standing by its feet.



Stop Bill C-51 Protest and Rally
Nathan Phillips Square, noon, Saturday 14 March

It was a foggy and damp morning before the protest.

Nathan Phillips square on a foggy wet day.  Greyness.  There are a few people under the stage overhang but otherwise the square is empty
but the rain held off once the rally started.

View of a protest from the back of a stage. The backs of 4 photographers is to the camera. They are taking pics of the crowd.

A young woman is holding a piece of white fabric on which words have been printed:  "Fuck bill C-51" is in larger letters.

“Protect our Charter Rights. Fuck you Harper”


Two  young girls are holding protest signs.  One says "Stop Harpers Secret Police" and the other says "Stop C51".

Stop C51″. “Stop Harper’s secret police”


A coalition of groups under the banner of organized a “National Day of Action”.  Included in the events were protest rallys in cities across Canada. 

crowd shot at a protest

A group of 3 people.  A woman on the right is holding a purplish grey umbrella.  The other 2 people are holding protest signs.

People at a protest rally.  One man has duct tape over his mouth and he is holding a placard that says "Citizen journalism will be silenced by Bill C-51"

“Citizen journalism will be silenced by Bill C-51”


A man is holding a placard that says Don't Let the Terror Win at a protest

“Don’t let the terror win”


A protester is holding a hand written sign that says #rejectfear



A man is handing out protest signs that say "Say no to Islamophobia"

“Say no to Islamophobia. Say no to war.”

A crowd of people at a Canadian protest rally

A boy on his mother's shoulders is holding a sign with a picture of Lisa on it.

The other side of the Lisa Simpson sign are the words “I don’t want a big brother”


protesters at a rally.

A group of people around Henry Moore's sculpture "the Archer" in Nathan Phillips Square.  They are there for the anti Bill C51 protest.  A couple are sitting and talking to each other.  Others are standing under umbrellas.


The Toronto Raging Grannies were also there with their own unique sound.


Photograph ers are shooting a man who has a flag around his neck

signs lying on the steps as people walk around.

“Not the Canada we want or need”