Davenport, Dupont, and vicinity

Posted: July 13, 2021 in general Toronto

Another walk with a friend. Back in June when I asked Lucie if there was a coffee shop near her house where we could meet, her answer was “my house”. Since we were both double vaxxed, I felt safe going. So nice! We started near Avenue Road and Dupont and generally walked northwest before looping back. Here is some of what we saw (in no particular order).

below: Dupont near Madison

Dupont and Madison

below: North side of Dupont at Spadina with the rounded structure of the subway entrance on the northwest corner.

north side of Dupont, Spadina through the middle of the picture, round structure of Dupont subway station, billboard over the building on the northeast corner

below: South side of Dupont at Spadina

Dupont southside at Spadina, rounded top of south Dupont subway station

Two women stand talking outside the entrance to Dupont TTC subway station

a man crosses Dupont near the intersection with St. George Street, Gabys Groceries is in the background with its green Trident gum advertisement sign

below: Casa Loma peaks over the railway tracks that run parallel to Dupont.

the towers and turret of Casa Loma in the background behind a railway overpass just north of Dupont.

below: Murals on the underpass.

sidewalk, railway underpass, mural on wall

below: Boarded up houses waiting for redevelopment at Huron and Dupont.

a row of three storey brick houses at Huron and Dupont with hoardings surrounding the front of the buildings.

below: Gutted but preserved.

an older house with the insides gutted as part of a renovation

below: It was for sale – for 9.5 million it could be yours! But I’ll bet it’s already been snapped up.

large white house

below: … and you can park your McLaren on the street.

below: I have mentioned the Republic of Rathnelly in a previous post, back in 2017. From that post , “Back in 1967 the residents of the officially seceded from the rest of Canada, originally as a form of protest against the proposed Spadina Expressway that would have physically divided the community. The founders named their republic after Rathnelly Avenue which runs parallel to Avenue, one street to the west. “

Republic of Rathnelly sign on a front lawn, protesting development in the area

below: Forest Hill village

Spadina and Montclair Ave., Forest Hill village shops and business district.  Construction signs, cars and traffic

below: I want you to have better coffee AND wear a mask!

poster of a man, parody of uncle sam poster, top hat and pointing, words say I want you to like better coffee.  On the exterior of a door to a coffee shop, with covid mask notice in front of it

below: Not all nature in the park is people friendly! Best just to leave them alone!

wasps making a nest on the upper edge of a light on a trail in a Toronto park

below: Condo development beside the park. It’s everywhere

new condo being built at the edge of a park, seen through the trees

below: The hoardings are up on another redevelopment site at 77 Clarendon.

construction hoardings in front of a low rise apartment building at 77 Clarendon

below: This building has been boarded up for a long time. It’s a three story apartment building with 17 units. It sold as a vacant building in October 2020.

man sitting on a bench in a park with back to camera, looking across street to old boarded up brick apartment building

below: And last, the start of another. The blue and white notice stands in the front yard of an older house.

a blue and white redevlopment notice in the front yard of an older home with lots of trees in the front yard

below: There are now coyote warning signs in Toronto parks as some coyotes have been spotted around the city. This one has had a “Let kids play” sticker which was a campaign during COVID lockdown to keep the playgrounds open.

a city notice about being aware of coyotes in the park, a sticker that says Let kids play has been stuck on top.

below: Stephen Harper lingers on.

graffiti stick with ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper's face on it

below: Davenport Road and its Anishinaabe translation, Gete-Onigaming

Toronto street sign for Davenport, with it's indigenous name also, Gete-Onigaming

below: Still surviving, the green ‘The Annex’ decoration on this Bedford Road street sign.

Bedford Rd street sign with it's green Annex top

below: Part of an old mural on Avenue Road (painted 1996)

part of a mural on a concrete wall, a girl sitting on the grass and reading a book

below: Ghost sign, Buckingham Cigarettes on the brick exterior of a building on Davenport Road

below: Remnants of bygone days in an alley

metal communication tower

below: Spadina Road bridge over Nordheimer Ravine with dog park on the east side – view from Winston Churchill Park which sits on top of the St. Clair Reservoir.

below: St. Clair Reservoir entrances. The reservoir was built in 1931 on lands that were donated as part of the Eaton estate. The reservoir is made up of two basins which hold a total of 254 million litres – enough to last the city 3 weeks of average use. The park was closed for a long time while the reservoir was modernized but it is now open again.

below: From the City of Toronto Archives, a 1930 photograph of the interior of the reservoir’s east basin

old black and white photo from City of Toronto archives of east basin of St. Clair Water Reservoir when its empty

below: Down beside the dog park, looking at the Spadina Road bridge and taller buildings on St. Clair.

The next blog post, Nordheimer ravine – paint and paper, shows some of the graffiti and street art found under Spadina Road bridge

a red rose and 4 rose buds on a rose bush

With thanks to Lucie for being my tour guide!

a woman is using her phone to take pictures of irises, peonies, and other flowers and plants

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