scarborough toronto street sign, Sandown Lane, Cliffside

Sandown Lane runs behind the buildings on the north side of Kingston Road, west of Midland Avenue in Scarborough.

back of a store & apartment, in an alley, building is brick painted pink, stairs to upper level doors, snow on the ground

I was walking here because I was on the lookout for a series of murals by B.C. Johnson that have been painted over the past few years.

murals on a wood fence between two properties, in an alley, woodland animal theme, a deer, a moose,

B.C. Johnson is the person responsible for first painting the rainbow arch beside the Don Valley Parkway – way back in the 1970’s.  I blogged about the Moccasin Trail, which leads to the arch, last year.  Just in case you’ve never seen it, here it is from last fall:

the rainbow bridge on the east don trail, a semi circle arch tunnel painted like a rainbow

Back to Sandown Lane….

B C Johnson mural of an old car surrounded by sunflowers in an alley

below: A deer with large antlers, a man fishing.

two garage doors side by side in an alley with murals painted on them, a deer with antlers on the left and a man fishing in a river on the right

below: Sunflowers and butterflies by the gate on a (real) door.

sunflowers and butterflies on a summer day, and a gate made of birch branches, a mural in an alley by Bc johnson

brown metal door on concrete block wall, pink planters with fake sunflowers in them, a bench with snow on it beside the door too

a blue pickup truck with one tire missing, parked in a vacant lot, in front of a farmyard scene mural with fields and a pond

mural, front of an old rusty car with a white chicken standing on one fender

chairs and round table outside, in back of building, in an alley, also patio umbrella, folded up

from the outside, a window in a concrete block wall, window is full of books, sign spray painted on wall that says no parking, will tow

below: Waterfalls

two murals in a lane, waterfall theme for both of them, the work of B C johnson

a woodlands theme mural on a wood fence between two properties in a lane, a tree trunk in the mural matches the large tree behind the fence

an old rust coloured Lincoln Town Car parked in an alley, garage doors behind it are covered in murals by bc johnson

small mural with butterflies and flowers in an entrance to a passageway, some orange and white cones in front of the mural

below: That’s an inventive way to advertise your handyman business!

an advertisement for a handyman, a large hand up in a tree with a paintbrush

three panels on a wood fence in a laneway with murals on them, animal them, tiger in the center, also an elephant, snow in front of the fence, the back of houses behind

double car garage in an alley with murals painted on them, owl theme,

table and chairs behind a building in an alley

While I was in the area, I walked back along Kingston Road.

in the median, Kingston Road, a sign that says Cliffside Village, red brick apartment building behind

I have walked this portion of Kingston Road before.  There are many large Mural Routes paintings of historic Scarborough scenes.  They can be seen in the 2017 blog post, Cliffside murals, so I won’t repeat them here except for this one photo:  ‘H.M. Schooner, Onondaga c. 1793’ by Jeff Jackson 1992.

mural routes mural on Kingston Rd, historic scene, schooner Onondaga

below: Back in 2017 this was a sushi restaurant and it was covered on all four sides by ‘Let’s Take a Walk on the Wildside’ painted by B.C. Johnson the year previously.  Some of the scenes from that mural can be same in the same Cliffside blog post linked to above.

empty restaurant, benazi, on a corner lot, murals on the buildings behind it

entrance to a store 2258, with a painting of an old airplane over the door

wooden fence around a patio, with two old paintings that are faded and peeled so you can't tell what they were pictures of, in the background, an empty blue metal frame that once held a sign for a store

a red wall in front of a building, mailboxes on it, 8 mailboxes, also two buzzers under a sign that says Supt Bob

below: Tara Inn, the Irish Pub, beside the Banglabazar Supermarket.

looking across Kingston Road to a stip mall with an Irish pub and the Banglabazar store,

storefront on kingston Road in Cliffside, barber shop, closed because of covid, faded pictures of mens heads show casing hair styles in the window,

looking in the window of a shoe repair business with a for sale sign in the window

looking in a store window, a large picture of a woman looking back out, with a sign on the window re opeings and closings for covid 19

looking in the window of a store, a mirror with an ornate silver colour frame, Christmas bells attached to it with ribbons and greenery

below: St Pauls United Church, near the west end of Sandown Lane.

front of St. Pauls United Church in Cliffside Scarborough, narrow green steeple, round glass entranceway, stairs leading from the sidewalk to the church

below: A Roman Catholic church, Saint Theresa, Shine of the Little Flower at Midland and Kingston Road.   The church was built in 1966 to replace a smaller one, also built in a Spanish style, from 1933. The Church was dedicated as a Shrine in honour of St Therese of Lisieux, a saint who had been canonized in 1925.

white church at Midland and Kingston Road, Saint Theresa Parish, Shrine of the Little flowers, red cermaic tile roof, arched doorways and windows


Two developments on Kingston Road will impact this stretch of the lane.  First, an 8 storey mixed use building at 2448-2450 (the Cat Hospital) as well as a slightly shorter 6 storey mixed use development at 2380-2382 (a vacant lot, Wongs Martial Arts).   Both developments have had their site plans approved at city council.


  1. […] Creeks, swamp, and waterfalls can also be seen.  More of Johnson’s work can be seen at Sandown Lane Cliffside blog […]

  2. B.C. Johnson says:

    thanks it has been awhile since i have been there did you see the moose there were two, an behind the drugstore is mine ________________________________

    • Mary C says:

      Yes, there is a moose and an eagle on adjacent garage doors. It was very shaded. I have a photo of it but it’s not the best.

    • Mary C says:

      If there is anything else that you’d like me to say about you or the murals in this post just let me know.

      • B.C Johnson says:

        mary thank you greatly. because of the pandemic and health issues i have been in self isolation for over a year and six months. but plan to return when i have an okay. some huge changes are happening to kingston road and we are losing some historical murals do to new condos being built, sad to see the scarborough bluff s go it is on the side of the karate place. i had planned to do all of sandown lane top to bottom. trying to get google to recognize the lane way, thanks to your insight that may possible happen. sincerely bc ps are you on facebook if so add me as a friend , i have many who would like to follow you

      • Mary C says:

        Sorry to hear that some of the large murals are in danger. I hadn’t thought of that possibility. I’ll add that to the blog post. Friend request sent.

  3. Flavio Belli - You may enjoy visiting my FB page says:

    Lovely walk. Always enjoy what you photograph! Some of the intimate laneway moments with tables, chairs, trucks and painted moments are humorous and touching. Thank You also for bringing attention to the muralist B.C. Johnson.

  4. icelandpenny says:

    Great to see your exchange with Johnson. My thanks too, esp for that stretch down the alley

    • B.C Johnson says:

      i have also followed you iceland penny , i hope mary continues as i plan to curb the hate and create more public murals, this travel walks are much needed at this time, it is social and distancing. as an artist i am also faced with mentally challenged, as well homelessness. having a good ear and kindness helps. the world sadly is full of trolls they create unhappiness and enjoy it. encourage mary to continue be a strong kind person she is. maybe one day we will meet,

      • icelandpenny says:

        Good for you, good for Mary, good for everyone who faces the world with courage and generosity of spirit. We see much to discourage us; it’s important also to notice and draw strength from what can lift our hearts.

    • Mary C says:

      And I see that he has found you too!

  5. Bob Georgiou says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Your photo walks are awesome.

  6. M. Ahmed says:

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures highlighting our home/ Laneway. I also enjoy this new renewed love of walking and hiking. Having beautiful art work to appreciate as you walk is such an added treat.
    I would encourage you to focus on public spaces and not personal property. As a owner of a property on the lane it is my responsibility to protect the privacy of my tenants and family residing there.
    I would urge you to crop you pictures to not include people’s personal kitchen windows, vehicles, fencing and seating areas. When highlighting commercial spaces this does not apply. The laneway has always been vibrant and many owners have been residing here for many years. Unlike the residential homes backing onto the lane the commercial side does not have any municipal maintenance. Meaning it is a constant battle to keep up our properties as the lane is walked by all.
    Please consider the view of the residents/ owners in the area.
    Thank you

  7. Linda says:

    I was raised in that area,went to St.Pauls church for a group called CGIT,which means Canadian Girls In Training,oh those days very peaceful.

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