The weather’s been all over the place, warm, cold, hot, cold again, back and forth…. like May weather usually is.  We were fortunate to have great weather this past holiday Monday and a lot of people took advantage of the day!  As I walked around, this is some of what I saw.

a man stands and watches another man playing the drums outside on Yonge street, some other people standing around too

by the fountain at Nathan Phillips Square, a man dressed in orange hugs a man dressed in brown who is checking his phone after just taking a selfie

women and men standing outside the Eaton Centre on Yonge street

people crossing the street at an intersection, a woman in a pink top and white sweater is pushing a stroller with a fluffy small white dog in it, a man in a blue Jay t shirt, camo jacket and baseball hat, smoking a cigarette, is walking beside her

Graffiti alley, walking past an uber 5000 mural, a man and a woman with their backs to the camera. on the back of the man's camo coloured jacket are the words true freedom is being unknown

two women in the O of the 3D Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips square in front of city hall, examining photos that they have taken on their phone

2 young men and 2 young women walking down Graffiti Alley

a woman in a purple dress is sitting on the sidewalk, patting the cat wearing the superman costume that is sitting on a box. other people standing around, corner of Yonge and Dundas

a girl and her mother playing in the fountain at Nathan Phillips Square, in front of city hall,

a woman in jeans and pink top poses in the doorway of one of the back doors in Graffiti Alley

  1. Margie from Toronto says:

    It’s nice to see people out enjoying the weather at last! I’ve been to see the Cherry Blossoms in High Park, did a walk down at Harbourfront, did the Humber Bay Park – and I’m hoping to get to the islands within the next week or so (especially since the Rectory Cafe has reopened)!
    Are you going to do “Doors Open Toronto” this weekend?

    • Mary C says:

      Yes. I was planning on doing something re Doors Open. I haven’t yet looked to see what’s available. Is there anything that looks good to you?

  2. Jackie says:

    Free Hugs guy wasn’t at Dundas?
    I plan on doing some Doors Open this weekend as well. Wish there was an online printable list. Missed the Toronto Star one.

  3. Wow, “true freedom is being unknown”. I’ll toast to that.

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