420 rolls around again

Posted: April 21, 2018 in events, people
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April 20, 4/20, 420 day with its annual marijuana protest. The nature of the “protest” has changed over the years now that the fight for legalization is almost over. This year was more like a group of friends hanging out together at Nathan Phillips Square and enjoying the warmest day that we’ve had in a while. A few items, seeds, edibles, etc, were available for sale. The group didn’t have a permit for the event (they were turned down) but that didn’t stop them. The police (and other security) presence was very visible but confrontations were kept to a minimum – at least for the time that I was there which was early on. I left while Nathan Phillips Square wasn’t crowded.

a woman in a green hat smokes a joint behind the back of a policeman in a yellow jacket.

a man with multicoloured curly wig and police cap holds a banner (backside to the camera) that some people are reading

a woman with long braided red hair stands beside someone in bong costume,

below: Green whistles were distributed and there were times when the sound they made was quite loud!

two young women taking a selfie, one is blowing on a green whistle

a woman in green and clothes with marijuana leaves on them, sits on a bench at Nathan Phillips, a man in a walker is beside her and talking to her.

Nathan Phillips square, two security guys on upper level above the snack bar, people walking below.

a group of people sitting around the 3D toronto sign at Nathan Phillips, one man is in the O, on his phone, a book in his lap,

a young woman with sunglasses and a white scarf around her neck smokes a joint,

a man in a beige jacket, blue sunglasses and black baseball cap smokes a joint outside

a woman with a head band made of rope and fake daisies, wears round sunglasses, mouth with red lipstick, partially open and talking,

back view of a woman in lace stockings, maroon knee high boots, black hoodie, holding up a green banner, people around her are talking pictures on their phones.

woman with dark sunglasses and black and green dreadlocks smokes a joint, close up photo of her face

Indigenous man with cap on his head and medical mask under his chin, makes a face, a red head woman in on the right, partially cropped out and out of focus, she is laughing

two men in black parkas, outside, one has a very large marijuana cigarette in his mouth although it is not yet lit;

a young man with black hoodie, stands outside at Nathan Phillips square with a bong in his hand, smiling, 420 day event

two men in black fedoras, one is holding a cup of coffee, outside, jackets on

three men with dreadlocks and bright coloured toques, backs to camera, over one shoulder is an older man looking close to the camera

a black and white photo of two men at a 420 event.

  1. Margie from Toronto says:

    Doesn’t really interest me one way or another as I don’t like feeling “out of control” and frankly, all my life I’ve been told that cigarettes are bad for me so why would I want to smoke something where I can’t even be sure of the content. Plus – it stinks! 🙂
    I guess it makes sense to decriminalize it – but – I will follow events with interest once it becomes legal as I am concerned about driving while impaired and those who may be impaired while on the job. It should make a few lawyers very happy in years to come.

    • Mary C says:

      There will be some adjustments to be made, for sure. I am neither anti nor pro, firmly on the fence on this issue. The event makes for some interesting people shots though – and that is the reason why I was there.

  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    As usual, you have captured some great candid photos of this event. The 3 close-ups are my favourites – the girls with the whistles, the girl in sunglasses with the smoke swirling from her joint, and the 2 guys in hats. All three have clean focus and capturing an unguarded look. Although the 2 girls with whistles were posing for a selfie, they weren’t posing for you.

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