on Greenwood, Brickyards mural

Posted: August 4, 2015 in public art
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On the southwest corner of Danforth and Greenwood is a mural that extends over the lower storey of a number of brick buildings.   Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Greenwood Ave. was home to quite a few brick works such as the John Price Brickyard, the Taylor Brickyard, and the Joseph Russell Brickyard.  You’ll notice that these are the same as the names on the signs above the mural.   Just south of this building is Greenwood Park, also once a brickyard.


looking across the street to a row of brick store fronts, two storeys high.  The bottom storey has been painted with a mural that has a yellow background.

Close up pictures of some of the details in the mural:

part of mural that depicts a street scene - two kids are playing on a red wagon, a woman is walking a dog and a woman with a cane is waiting at a bus shelter.

part of mural that depicts a street scene - a little girl pulls a boy in a red wagon while other kids are playing on the sidewalk

part of mural that depicts a street scene - four kids are playing marbles



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