surrounded by the colours of Kensington

Posted: April 19, 2015 in graffiti and street art, locations, people
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On a warm sunny Saturday in April.
People out and about in Kensington enjoying the day.

Two women are posing in front of a mural in a Kensington lane while a man takes a picture and another man watches.

In a dead end Kensington lane with a car parked at the end of the lane.  There is street art on both sides of the alley.  One man is leaning against the wall on one side, taking a photo of a man who is leaning against the other wall.

Reflections of people walking on the sidewalk, reflected in the side windows of a red vehicle.

A couple is posing for engagement photos.  She is sitting on the hood of a red and white Mini Cooper.  He is leaning against the front of the car.  The car has big eyelashes over the front headlights.  The car is parked on a street in Kensington.

A couple is sitting on the sidealk outside a row of boarded up houses.  The houses are brick and are painted in bright yellow, orange and red.

A couple is sitting by a window inside a restaurant.  The exterior wall of the building is covered in a mural of brightly coloured little monsters.  A woman is standing outside by the window as she checks her phone.

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