Time Cone
by Brad Golden and Lynn Eichenberg, 1996.
With help from Christopher Dewdney, poet.

In front of 25 Sheppard Ave West on the SE corner of Sheppard and Beecroft.

A tall bluish coloured glass building takes up the background.  A tall conical shaped sculpture is in front of it.

A 15 cm stainless steel ribbon, supported by four steel beams, winds its way up to the cone at the top.   Cut out of the steel are words that pertain to the geology of  the area.  ‘Precambrian’ is the bottom word.  Other words include Pleistocene Glaciation, Gull River Limestone, Cenozic, Don, and Thorncliffe Till.

Looking up inside a sculpture that is a ribbon of stainless steel that winds up a conical hape, supported on 4 sides by stainless steel bars.

extra: In geology, ’till’ is unsorted unstratified material deposited directly by glacial ice.

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