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Posted: September 2, 2014 in general Toronto
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If you can’t beat them, join them.

No matter where I went this summer, I seemed to always find the CN Tower lurking in the background.
It photobombs a lot of pictures!  🙂


A bright red tugboat is tied up in the foreground.  Many glass windows of many condos are in the photo.  The top of the CN tower is peaking up over the top of the condos on Toronto's waterfront.

The M.R. Kane, a bright red tugboat sits tied up at the waterfront near the foot of Spadina Ave.  The CN Tower stands tall above the condos the line Queens Quay West.


An SUV and a red truck are parked in a parking lot.  On the left side of the picture are two walls that are covered with graffiti.  The CN Tower is above one of those walls.

behind graffiti walls in a parking lot on College Street


Black eyed Susan flowers in the foreground, some taller buildings including the CN tower in the background.  There is also a tall thin sculpture (decorated pole?) in the picture

Trying to hide behind the sculpture in the Music Garden, waterfront


The pink wall of faces is a fountain and it is on the left side of the photo.  People at the ex and the CN Tower are also in the photo.

…. and at the Ex too!


The CN Tower and the Toronto skyline as seen from the east part of downtown Toronto.

Where Eastern Ave. joins Richmond Street East before they cross the Don River.


Part of a bright red metal sculpture is in the foreground.  The CN tower is in the background (the top part of it anyhow)

Lurking under sculptures….


Part of the stone church, St. Andrews Presbyterian, dominates the photo.  Part of a tree, the edge of a skyscraper and the CN Tower are on the right side of the photo.

Peeking out from behind St. Andrews Presbyterian Church on King St. at Simcoe.


  1. I think that’s actually kind of cool.

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