spring in the city

Posted: May 26, 2014 in general Toronto
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Spring in the City

Hopeful signs of a new season that I have spotted this week.

A large garden full of orange tulips.  In the background is the grass and trees of St. james Park.  There is a couple sitting on a bench on the far side of the tulip bed.

orange tulips galore in St. James Park


Tulips and other spring plants starting to grow in front of a wall that has been painted with graffiti

signs of spring in front of the wall


Flowering white tree in front of the entrance of Metropolitan United Church

Even spring can look grey if you look at it from the right angle.  Metropolitan United church.


flower boxes with dark pink petunias.

pretty in pink, and purple…. boxes of flowers along the fence, Davenport Road


many yellow and white daffodils are growing in front of a picket fence.  There are a number of trees with new leaves behind the fence.

daffodils and picket fence, Riverdale Farm


A row of orange tulips growing in front of St. James cathedral.  Close up of the building so only part of one wall, with lower corner of a window, can be seen.

growing in the shadow of St. James cathedral


A tree with pink blossoms is growing in front of brick row houses, one red brick and one that has been painted light grey.

pink on brick, near Kensington


Ivy begins to grow again on a wall that has been painted with beige, blue and orange graffiti.   Close up picture of the graffiti so it looks like an abstract shape

almost smiling at the ivy growing on the alley wall



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