7 kids, 7 sticks and a spinning plate

Posted: August 14, 2013 in events
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Dundas Square, 9 Aug

A recipe for entertainment. Good for all ages, especially good for the kids.

Without talking,

  1.   Find seven kids,
  2.  Line them up from tallest to shortest,
  3.  Give each one a wooden stick.
  4.  Spin a metal plate,
  5.  Put it on top of the first child’s stick.
  6. Have them pass the plate to the next child’s stick.
  7. Attempt to get the plate passed all the way down the line.








3 kids passing a spinning plate from one to the next using sticks






Two girls.  One girl is passing a spinning metal plate to the other while a group of people look on.

The number of different colours, shapes and sizes of the faces in this photo captured my attention… and they’re all looking at the plate.

take a bow when the job is done!

Take a bow when the job is done!  If you want more information, the link is:  http://www.johnparkcomedy.com/

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