And the band played on

Posted: August 10, 2013 in events
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The original plan was to visit Dundas Square for their 10th birthday party.  Love it or hate it, Dundas Square is now ten years old.   Maybe one day I’ll call it by it’s proper name, Yonge Dundas Square.  I was going to do a blog post on the events of the evening.

The official party was to start at 7:00.  One of the opening acts was the Lemon Bucket Orkestra; their website describes them as a balkan klezmer gypsy party punk superband.  During the last song that they played, they moved through the square towards the stage.

And this is where I changed course.  Most people made room for the musicians, moved out of their way.    But not one “photographer”.   He stood his ground; he got up close and personal photos on his phone.   My focus shifted from the music to the man in the middle.

Was he intrusive?  Should he have moved?


If you want to know more about the Lemon Bucket Orkestra:


man with an iphone standing in front of the Lemon Bucket Orkestra as they walk through Dundas Square.

first photo

man taking pictures of a group of musicians, a drummer, a clarinet player, some violins and a flugelhorn

second photo

third photo

third photo

man is standing in the middle of a group of musicians, the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, as it walks through Dundas Square.

last photo







  1. Michael says:

    Yes and Yes……..there is always 1 a-hole in the jar.

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