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There is an alley that runs behind Bathurst, on the west side.  Most of these photos were taken in that alley.  All of the photos are of sticker, or paper, graffiti that I saw when I walked that alley a week or so ago.


A window space in a brick wall that was covered over a long time ago.  Now there are tags and stickers covering the space as well as graffiti on the walls around the space.

It used to be a window, now it is an ever changing canvas.


black and white line drawing that looks like something you'd create with spirograph

spirograph on the metal pole.


four stickers on a wall.  One is a mask that looks either African or BC First Nations.  One is a hairy dog like creature with a long tongue that is licking a red strawberry with legs.  One has the word 'decolonize' on it along with a picture of a group of men.  The last sticker is just the word 'phi-nite' with a symbol.

strawberry man gets licked by dog, a mask looks at you, decolonize and phi-nite, all in a small space


two stickers on a tag & scribble covered space.  One sticker is a silhouette of a man on a skateboard.  He has large wings coming out of his back.  Ths other sticker is a greenish colour geometric design within a greyish white circle.

have wings, will skateboard


a purple and white sticker that has been defaced by the tag 'calzone'.  Beside it is a sticker that says 'decolonize history' with a mug shot of a man.

calzone tag unfortunately scribbled on top.


five stickers on the back of a metal sign.

Billy and friends


black ink on brown paper graffiti of a woman's head & shoulders

brown girl on the wall


two stickers on a wall.  One is the head of a blue cat.  The other is a lacey looking circular design.

blue cat with lace


Someone has placed a red & white circular sticker over the iris of an eye that is part of a black and white eye graffiti picture

red eye