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#jesuisCharlie Toronto version.
Rally & march, Sunday 11 January.
Nathan Phillips Square

Close up photo of two small flags, one Canadian and the other French, on the end of a guitar.

flags, music and people

Close up of a sign that says 'Je suis Charlie Toujours en vie!  I am Charlie' in black letters on white paper.  The sign is being held by someone who is wearing red mitts with big CAN on them in white.

One of the many Je Suis Charlie signs.

Overview of Nathan Philllips Square in front of Toronto City Hall showing a large number of people gathered on a winter day in January to rally in support of Je Suis Charlie.

The crowd part way through the rally.

Part of a crowd of people at the Je Suis Charlie rally.  Many are holding signs that say Je Sui Charlie.  Most are dresssed for winter weather.

Crowd scene, listening to speeches.

A man is wearing yellow clogs and holding a sign that says Je Suis CHarlie. Ik ben Theo Van Gogh

Theo Van Gogh was a Dutch film producer, writer and actor.   He helped create a short film depicting the mistreatment of  Islamic women after which he received death threats.  In November of 2004 he was murdered in Amsterdam.

A large TV camera is filming a reporter from CP24.  People behind the reporter are holding Je Suis Charlie signs.

Many TV reporters were on the scene, including CP24


Je Suis Charlie signs and a few flags

A crowd in front of the stage at Nathan Phillips square on a January day when the Christmas tree in front of City Hall is still there.

The view from behind the stage.

A man is holding a sign that says Ich Bin Charlie

German participants too

Crowd at a rally in the winter

more crowd scene

A man is holding three signs.  One says 'Je Suis Charlie' and two are in arabic.  He standing behind a large white sign withblack letters.  The words can't be read in this photo.  An Iranian flag is being held by someone standing behind him.

There was also a group there with a large sign that said ‘Free all Political Prisoners in Iran’.  A number of Iranian flags were being carried, but they were the flag with the lion in the center.

People are walking through the intersection of Queen and Yonge streets as they march in the Je Suis Charlie rally.  A policeman in a yellow jacket is standing in the intersection to help prevent the cars from interfering.

The crowd walked from Nathan Phillips Square to Dundas Square.

Two women.  One is holding a Je Suis Charlie sign in one hand and a Starbucks cup in the other.  THe other woman has a large pencil shaped sign.

at Dundas Square