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Frozen in stone for more than a hundred years these faces are some of those that adorn the exterior of Queens Park.  The pinkish stone is sandstone quarried near Orangeville and the Credit River Valley.

below: This one makes me think of an old woman in a frilly bonnet – my apologies to the person it is supposed to be (if there is one!).

carved stone on the exterior of Queens Park, a face in a circle surrounded by leaves

below: There are devilish horns on this one.

a man's face with what seems like horns from his head, a carving in stone

below:  He’s got a long and curly tongue and is that long hair beside his face?

exterior of Queens Park, parliament buildings in Toronto, a laughing face with tongue stuck out, in sandstone

below: Strangely blank eyes looking upward.

in a carved frieze on the exterior of parliament buildings, a face with blank eyes

below: He watches everyone as they pass by.

on a stone column, exterior of Queens Park, a face,

First, the four men……

Painted on a wall at the NE corner of  Dundas West and Beatrice is this Movember mural by Elicser.
It has been there since 2013.


Movember mural on the side of a two storey brick house.  On the left is a man, standing, shirtless with just the top of his jeans showing.  He is tattoed.  Beside him is just the upper part of another man's face, from the large moustache to the top of head with thinning hair.  To the right are two small men's heads, both with moustaches, painted on a wooden fence behind the house. .

Just to the east of that mural is a painting by birdo

large painting by street artist birdo on the side of a brown clapboard building.   The painting is of the head of a red and blue striped creature with orange horns and lime green ears and nose.

Creatures on walls and garage doors, all seen yesterday between Dundas & Palmerston and College & Bathurst.

a garage door that has been painted with two very large red roses on either side of a painting of a skull with lots of flowery motifs in it.

Graffiti in an alley, a large number of finger like creatures in a boat.  Black line drawing on white garage door.

Graffiti painted on a wall that looks like a stylized dog as a red devil with horns, wearing sunglasses and holding a yellow devil's fork

Graffiti in an alley,  a few stickers on a grey wood wall - the head of a cat, a small horse and an abstract drawing.