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A wonderful abundance of fresh fruit and veggies at this time of year.

a bunch of red tomatoes with their stems and leaves still on

heirloom carrots for sale at an outdoor market, reddish, orange, and yellow carrots in the foreground, sunflowers for sale in the background

different kinds of onions as well as leeks for sale at an outdoor market

a man is pointing to the peppers he wants to buy, there are green, red, orange, yellow and purple peppers for sale

little green zucchinis and little yellow squashes for sale at an outdoor market

carrots and celery for sale in the foreground, market in the background with people, banasa, and other veg and fruit for sale

basket of apples for sale at an outdoor market, Macintosh apples, gala apples, cortland apples and ambrosia apples.

a pile of broccoli


caramel popcorn for sale in bags as well as a small container of samples with a sign that says try me one only