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a man's back is turned to the camera, view of his head and shoulders, he's wearing a red T-shirt that has All for one written across the shoulders. He's also wearing a red baseball cap with two little Canadian flags stuck into the back of it.

As I’m sure you all know, the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio have just finished recently.  Canadian athletes won a total of 22 medals, almost a record number for a summer Olympics (tied with the Atlanta games in 1996).  A celebratory ‘homecoming’ parade was held today to honour some current, and some former, Canadian athletes who call Toronto home.

people watching a parade including a young child is holding up a red and white hand written sign that says We like you Penny. It also has a red maple leaf on it and a red heart. Another girl is holding a home made sign with the Olympics rings on it as well as a Canadian flag in a heart shape.

below: Lots of people of all ages and dressed in red, or red and white, lined the Danforth from East Lynn park to Woodbine for the start of the parade.  There were lots of Canadian flags!

a group of kids wearing red and white Canada T-shirts with Canadian flags on them, also one girl holding a large Canadian flag, she has a little red maple leaf painted on her cheek. She is looking serious

a mother and father are squatting down beside his young daughter who is standing beside a street waiting for a parade to start, amongst other people, little girl is wearing a red Canada T-shirt.

below: Also pre-parade, Arda Zakarian from CP24 interviewed the crowd waiting on the sidewalk on the shady side of the Danforth.

woman reporter interviewing the crowd waiting for a parade

below: Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, made an appearance at the beginning of the parade.  She didn’t walk in the parade, instead she met with the crowd who were waiting for the parade to begin.

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne stands amongst some people on a sidewalk who are waiting for a parade to start

below: The sound of bagpipes meant the start of the parade!

Backs of bagpipers in a marching band as they walk past a crowd of people lining the sidewalk to watch the parade. Lots of people waving Canadian flags and looking down the street in anticipation of the rest of the parade

below: Riding in a vintage red and white pick-up truck were members of the women’s athletics team: Crystal Emmanuel, Nikkita Holder, Alicia Brown, Phylicia George, and Eseroghene (Ese) Omene

a man and a boy hold a banner in a parade, banner says ward 32 olympic parade. And then it lists the athletes that are riding in the old red and white pick-up truck behind the banner, Crystal Emmanuel, Alicia Brown, Nikkita Holder, Philicia George and Eseroghene Omene

below:  Women’s beach volleyball players, Kristina Valjas, and Jamie Broder, sit on either side of their coach John May.

three people sitting in the back of a light blue VW convertible in a parade. They are wearing Canada T-shirts. Man in the middle with a woman on either side. Man is wearing Canada hat.

below: There was a giant Canadian flag held aloft by a group of people.

a group of young adults holding up a giant Canadian flag, lying horizontal, above their heads as they walk down the street in a parade.

looking under a giant Canadian flag being held up by people, looking across to the other side of the street where some families are watching a parade, and waving Canadian flags.

below: Name that athlete.

Two men in a red convertible sports car driving slowly down Woodbine Ave in a parade

below:  Rose Cossar, rhythmic gymnastics (2012).

A woman Canadian athlete, Rose Cossar, rides in a red convertible in a parade. She is holding up a small Canadian flag.

below: Penny Olesiak and Michelle Williams, both medal winning swimmers, rode in a red convertible.  Here they are being interviewed as the parade moved slowly down Woodbine Ave.

Penny Olesiak and Michelle Williams, two Canadian swimmers who won medals in swimming in the 2016 olympics, ride in the back of a red convertible, a TV camera is on one side of the car and a man interviewing Michelle is on the other side of the car. The car is moving in a parade.

below: Closer up, Penny and Michelle.

Penny Olesiak and Michelle WIlliams riding in the back of a red convertible in a parade

a middle age man leans against the back of a pickup truck that is parked beside a sidewalk where three older men are talking. One of them is sitting on a bench and facing the camera.

The parade continued down Woodbine Avenue to Queen Street East where it end at Kew Garden.  I didn’t walk that far with them.  Apparently there was a very good turnout – lots of people went to show their support and/or their appreciation including the mayor, John Tory.

below: And last, a few more crowd shots!  More red, more flags and more signs.

A girl sits on her father's shoulders as they show a sign that they've made to other people who have come to watch a parade. The sign says Penny you are the greatest. Canada's number 1.

4 girls holding standing beside the road as a parade goes by. Two of them have hand written signs.

a young girl in a t shirt with yellow and red maple leafs on it, also wearing large sunglasses, holds a small Canadian flag in front of her mouth


Camera man with TV camera is in focus, with his back to the camera, Kathleen Wynne is in the background and is slightly out of focus.

Streetfest, part of the Beaches International Jazz Festival, was held 25, 26 and 27 July this year.     About 2 km of Queen St. East is closed to traffic so pedestrians can enjoy the music provided by many bands representing a diverse array of music genres.   On both Thursday and Friday evening when I was there the weather was perfect and the atmosphere was fun.  I hope that I have been able to capture the spirit of the event!

Music, food, shopping, and most of all, people watching!

crowds in the street at Beaches Jazzfest

Queen St. East, early in the evening




Erin McCallum and her backup band

Erin McCallum and her backup band


God Made Me Funky

He, and his group, got the crowd moving!

He, and his group, got the crowd moving!


Dr. Draw – It was very difficult to catch the intensity of this performance and I’m sure I haven’t done him justice.

violin player at the Beaches Jazzfestviolin player at Beaches Jazzfestviolin player at Beaches Jazzfestviolin player at Beaches Jazzfest

Juice (name of the band)

a crowd of people standing around in a semi-circle on Queen St. watching a band play music

The boys in the band are looking a bit pink but I like the perspective & angle of the crowd.


There was music to dance to

two couples dancing in the street while a group of people watch

Dancing to the music

and he danced his way down the street……

a couple dancing in the street with the crowd behind them

slow dancing


And music to join in with

little kid with toy guitar watching a band play

He almost stole the show.

boy with toy guitar walking in front of a live band

There were so many wonderful moments.


The were some odd musical moments as well

girl covering her ears with her hands while standing in from of a guitar player.

My apologies to the band, Phusion, as it is almost unfair to include this photo. The girl’s mother set up the shot.


girl with very short silver skirt and very high white shoes is playing a guitar in a band.  Many people are watching

There were a lot of photographers milling about during this set. Most of them were middle aged men.

There was lots of food.

food trucks

Gorilla Cheese food truck

Gorilla Cheese food truck

Beach Boys food truck

Beach Boys food truck

The donut truck was parked in Kew Gardens

The donut truck was parked in Kew Gardens


man inside an ice cream truck, his back is turned to the camera and he is looking out the window

The ice cream man.


Food for sale from local restaurants

serving Thai food outside the Cha Da thai restaurant

Serving up thai food outside the Cha Da Restaurant

canteloupes and watermelon that have been carved to look like flowers with many petals

Wonderfully creative carved melons on display.

and drink…..

two guys wearing bright yellow signs advertising the fact htat they are selling pop and water

water & pop selling entrepreneurs

And young entrepreneurs too!

And young entrepreneurs too!


There were people of all kinds


What would a street festival be without a Vulcan?

What would a street festival be without a Vulcan?



...not quite sure about all this.....

…not quite sure about all this…..

happy kids

big sunglasses, a fedora, and a big smile!

big sunglasses, a fedora, and a big smile!


It was a  time for families

Family time

Family time

mother, father and daughter.  Daughter is on father's shoulders

A great evening to be out.


and a time for friends

An evening out with friends too.

An evening out with friends too.




very flat indeed!

very flat indeed!


crowd scene

Looking west Queen Street East, late on Friday evening.


late evening street scene

Getting late, Thursday evening.