Carlaw surfers

Posted: June 4, 2021 in general Toronto

Near Carlaw and Dundas there is a two part Uber5000 mural of some of his characters having fun surfing. Of course there are yellow birds, three yellow birdies in fact, and one is wearing a black wet suit. Hawaiian shirts, baseball caps, and googles can also be seen as they all ride the same large wave.

A mural by Uber 5000 in 2 parts.  on the left is a tabby cat holding a surf board.  on the right are some characters surfing, 3 yellow birdies, on in a wet suit, and three dogs.
surfing mural by Uber 5000, yellow birdie in a black wet suit, a dog in a green Hawaiian shirt, a dog with goggles
Uber 5000 mural, surfers, dog with large grey and black striped tail and green Hawaiian shirt on surf board

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