metal screwed to wood

Posted: April 10, 2021 in general Toronto

First, a quick Latin translation lesson
1. Ad perniciem solet agi sinceritas is Latin for “Honesty is often goaded to ruin”, a quote from Phaedrus
2. Bibere venenum in auro, another Latin phrase and it means “drink poison from a gold cup”.
3. Fortuna caeca est translates to “Fortune is blind.” from Cicero (died 43 BC, he was a Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, and philosopher who wrote extensively).
4. Pulvis et umbraa sumus equals “We are dust and shadow” from Horace (died 8 B.C., a Roman poet)
5. Graviora manent – greater dangers await, or the worst is yet to come

These Latin words, and more, were all found here:

a long narrow, vertical, engraved metal graffiti on a wood pole.  Latin words are written around a fish like creature shape with designs inside
below: A closer view
Leaf like designs in an oval shape with Latin words written around the outside

All of the following were on the same utility pole surrounded by a lot of old staples and tacks.

below: A crown with 12 + 1 + 1/2 = 13 1/2 fastened with an 8 point, or double square, screw.

below: Another 13 1/2, this time with with PJD and a fountain at the top of a building

round metal engraving on a small circle, screwed to a wood utility pole.  Design is like a fountain on the top of a building 13 1/2

below: Similar architecture is repeated in the next piece, but now it is a taller building with more than a fountain on top – it looks like a pineapple, or a grenade with fireworks.

brown metal engraved with a portrait of Dudley George who was killed by Opp at Ipperwash in September 1995

below: In memory of Dudley George who died at Ipperwash, shot by the OPP. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but the screws resemble bullet holes.

below: The domed building appears to be upside down. The rain drops are “falling” the wrong way. Is that symbolic? Or because only one screw is holding it in place and it slipped?

very small engraving of a domed building with clouds and rain drops, graffiti or street art on a pole

below: It’s difficult to see, but there are a lot of words on the light metal piece too, but not in Latin. There is also a bird whose feathers are made from Us and Vs.

some metal pieces that are graffiti on a pole

below: “I loved you” is written on the side of the piece of metal. You’ll have to take my word for it, but the other side of the metal says “Too little too late”.

below: And last, just a plain X.  Unfortunately, it’s like someone who signs their name by making an X as I have no idea whose artwork this is.  Do you know?

metal in the shape of an X screwed onto a wood utility pole

And let’s hope that the worst is not yet to come!

  1. icelandpenny says:

    What a discovery…

    • Mary C says:

      It was! And I walked right past it the first time I passed that way – luckily I retraced my steps and discovered it!

  2. andmalc says:

    Looks like Rocky Zenyk’s work.

  3. designwallah says:

    You might like to know that PJD stands for Public Justice Day – August 10. Rocky Zenyk has a few pieces out there for PJD.

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