protest and counter protest

Posted: March 26, 2019 in events, people
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On Saturday there was another small protest by a group that goes by the name PEGIDA which is actually an acronym for a German organization that can probably be called far right.    The protest attracted a counter protest by a larger group of people.  By the time I passed by, police and metal barricades stood between the two groups.  Apparently the protest had planned to walk down University Ave. but the counter protest prevented them from doing so.

a line of police and their bikes stands between two groups of protesters on University Ave.

below: “Smash racism, no platform for fascists”

smash racists says a yellow banner

a woman holds a small painted sign that says immigrants belong here

a family, parents and children, hold 4 signs at a protest

a man in a red MAGA baseball cap stands on one side of a metal barricade

an older woman and a man with a red MAGA baseball cap stand on either side of placards at a protest

a young man wearing a red MAGA baseball cap holds a Canadian flag on which a black cross has been drawn

man filming crowd at a protest, two Canadian flags beside him

below: Patriots of Canada Against the Islamization of the West .  P is for Patriot, whatever you think that that word means or implies.

a brown skinned man in a grey sweatchirt mocks the crowd at a protest rally

a woman with dyed auburn hair is making a video of herself at a protest on her cell phone

a woman with dyed auburn hair is making a video of herself at a protest on her cell phone, two men are also in the photo, one has an orange toque and a Jewish defence league T-shirt and the other has a white baseball cap that says Jesus is my boss as he takes pictures of the crowd on the other side of the protest

below: “Fascism is a death cult” and “Nationalism is for losers”.

three signs at a protest

a man wears a green and brown bandana over the bottom part of his face and a black hat with an anti-nazi symbol on it.

an older woman with long white hair and sunglasses stands in front of a light purple banner

below: “When the state protects bigots, hate is state sanctioned.”

people and banners on University Ave as a counter protest

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