love is a many splendored thing

Posted: February 23, 2018 in alleys, graffiti and street art
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I know, I know, Valentines day has come and gone.
But this week I kept seeing hearts and other signs of love in many of its forms.
There’s nothing wrong with sharing a little love, right?

Especially the love where the heart is full and ready to explode in colour.

the front of a garage is covered with street art. A bright red heart is in the middle from which coloured geometric shapes eminate outwards and cover the entire front of the building.

Love is witty… or it just can’t spell because love fogs the brain.  Love is blind after all.

dark brown garage door,metal, with white spray paint words that say love @ first site

Love is solid and strong

a small concrete love bot stands on the grass beside the garden in front of St. Patricks church, winter, no leaves on the small tree, stone church

Love is weak and hides in a corner.

metal staircase, outside, running diagonally across the back of a building, a shopping cart under the stairs with a box in in, a door in the wall under the stairs, both door and wall are cover in graffiti including a large orange swath and a bright red heart

Some hearts are jaded.

on a utility pole in Graffiti alley, there are 4 paper hearts in pink and purple, with words written on them - I love me, no luv,

Sing a song of romance
A pocket full of lies
Four and twenty belittlements
Baked in a pie
When the pie was opened
All hell broke lose
When ranting, and tears, and screaming, and all sorts of incriminations….
You know the story.

“All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.” Oscar Wilde

beside a street art painting of the pink panther, standing with arms crossed (but head missing in the photo) is a utility pole with three paper hearts attached to it, two are light blue and 1 is orange. The hearts have writing on them, bye bye, friendzone, kill me

“If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?” Lily Tomlin

on a utility pole in Graffiti alley, there are 4 paper hearts in pink and purple, with words written on them - bed bugs, sk8 me, its you not me,

“Go forth.
the tellers of tales
and seize whatever
the heart longs for.
Have no fear.
Everything exists.
And everything is true.
And the earth is only
a little dust under our feet.”
W.B. Yeats, “The Celtic Twilight”

small black and white stencil on a concrete block wall. An adult penguin is standing with its head bent over looking at a small black and white cat that is looking up at the penguin

  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    💕💜❤️💖💙💚💛🧡 🙂

  2. […] month I also had the pleasure of meeting another Toronto-based blogger, Mary from  As I Walk Toronto.  Experiencing a small slice of the city from her perspective was extremely interesting and […]

  3. Margie from Toronto says:

    Just found the link to your blog from “My Life Lived Full” so I will take some time and work my way through your posts. I also live in Toronto and love walking the city – I always find something interesting. I’m not as mobile as the both of you as I walk with a cane but I take my time and enjoy the experience. I love taking a streetcar to a part of town that I’ve never been to before and just having a wander. The great thing about Toronto being laid out on a grid pattern is that it’s difficult to get lost – sooner or later you hit a main road!

    • Mary C says:

      I would be happy to join you for a walk especially now that warmer weather seems to have arrived. Any time that you are interested, send me an email, mcfcrandall at gmail

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