A detour, with pictures

Posted: April 22, 2017 in general Toronto

Not much blogging has been happening here because once again I’m on the road.  At the moment I’m spending a few days in Sophia Bulgaria.  Winter decided to give us one last blast of snow and frigid temperatures so I hid away in the National Gallery for a while the other day.

below: Three pictures. Not the brightest or the best but I was looking at the overall composition and trying to illustrate the general appearance of the rooms.  From left to right: 1. The Blue Door by Dimitar Arnaudiv (1933-1989), 2. Composition with Child by Radenko Misevic (1920-1995) and 3.  Guest by Ivan Kirkov (1932-2010).

Most of the rooms featured Bulgarian artists.  There was a few other European artists represented… a couple of Delacroix sketches and some old Dutch school painters to mention a few.

below: A larger than life statue of a painter in front of a large painting.  I couldn’t find any sign that named the painter but in one corner there is some Japanese (Chinese?) writing.  The statue is “Figure of Dechko Uzunov” by Dmir=tar Boikov (1927-2000)

Other interesting paintings and sculptures….

below: Threat by Georgi Chapkanov (b. 1943)

below:  The bust is “Portrait of Alexander Apostolov” by Nikola Chavdarov (1931-1966) and the painting is “Portrait of Valeri Petrov” by Naiden Petkov (1918-1989)

And ending on a colourful note –

below: Zoev’s House in Karlova by Nikola Tanev (1890-1962)

That’s just a brief look at some of the Bulgarian art that I have seen on my travels.  I’m not sure how much I will be blogging over the next while…. but stay tuned!  You never know (and neither do I!)

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