Hey!  There’s something new in Graffiti Alley! 
It comes in many disguises.  Or maybe there are many different ones, an invasion of sorts.

I’m not sure if they have names.
But there is little chicken guy, in fact there are two of them!  Birds of a feather they are.

red zombie with exposed brains

below:  I just call this one Iron.  I think I caught him in the act of tagging the wall.  If he looks something like a video game character, well, I’m sure that’s just coincidence.

Mario brothers parody I think, yellow shirt, blue pants and a moustache
below: This little  storm trooper, policeman sort of guy is being watched.  All police need oversight?  Is this a political statement?

storm trooper, under an eye from another graffiti piece
below:  Michaelangelo was always my favorite.  He’s the one in orange.

turtle caps, a parody of teenage mutant nija turtles
 below:  This little wizard has lost his wand but he can’t see where he’s going so he’s hopelessly lost and can’t find the wand, or anything else for that matter.

yellow wizard cap with stars on it

below: Zombie guy!  Watch out Alley, your brains are in danger!


below: The force is probably strong with these guys

two rotund figures that are supposed to look like white storm troopers seen in the Star Wars movies

below:  An invasion!  A whole division of paratroops has started dropping in!  If the zombies don’t get you first, the invading army will!

with parachute, all in brown camoflage

with parachute, all in green camoflage

with parachute, all in brown camoflage

If anyone knows if these creatures have names, please let me know!

UPDATED:  Turtlecaps!  They’re called turtlecaps

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