still looking for spring

Posted: February 25, 2015 in galleries, locations
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Flowers, a sign of spring.  No real flowers outside yet and probably not for quite a while!
Instead we’ll have to settle for European pottery florals from the Gardiner Museum today.

below:  Ewer and basin, Sèvres France, 1757,  porcelain, attributed to Jean-Claude Duplessis.  Pink ground with foilage-like edges.

1757 Sevres ewer (water jug) and basin in pink and white with a tiny bit of blue, floral patterns

below: Purple flowered mullein plate, from Derby botanicals, pattern 216, England, c1800.

yellow rimmed plates with pictures of flowering plants in the center

  1. aleksawal says:

    At least you found flowers somewhere! 🙂

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