In a small alley running behind the south side of College St., west of Bathurst, we discovered a large number of sticker graffiti pieces.


brown brick wall with a window that has been boarded over and painted the same brown colour.  In the window, and on the window frame, are a large number of sticker graffiti pieces.

once it was a window, now it is a canvas of sorts


close up of some of the stickers that are in the window.  One has words on it that asks if you have thanked yourself for persevering.  Another is a red lizard with the words No Pipelines written on it,  and another is a dog that is licking socks.

persevering thank you very much, while the dog licks the socks


A woman wearing a light purple cloth over the lower part of her face is holding a large white sign with the letter A inside a circle on it.   Beside her is a large purple flower.  Both are sticker.

partially obscured with purple and purple flower


An assortment of some of the stickers.  These are the ones that were on the top part of the window.  A person  wearing a balaclava, a black haired girl with the lower part of her face covered in black, an outline drawing of a rabbit,

I did what I could with this photo as it was taken looking upward into the shadows of the window. Strange angle too – being much taller might have helped!


A black and white sticker on a yellow pole.  The words on the sticker say Rad Brad.  It is weird looking two legged creature.

Rad Brad hanging out on a yellow pole


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