A few things that I saw today as I walked from Richmond and Spadina, southwestward to King and Shaw.  A beautiful sunny Tuesday afternoon.

An old metal sign saying No Authorized Parking has rusted badly.  It is on a yellow brick building.  Beside it is a blue coloured metal screen covering a window.

rusted and authorized


A graffiti painting of a blue and white bird on a grey concrete block wall.   It is painted to look like it's perched on the top corner of a window.

Happily perched above it all with a birds eye view of Richmond Street West.


the backs of a few lowrise brick buildings.  One of the buildings is painted an olive green coloutr.  There is graffiti above one of the buildings, of 2 dog heads, one of which has a cigarette in its mouth.

Smoking on the roof.



Stop Rob Ford at the western end of a one way Richmond street.


A brick wall that is painted a pinkish colour.  There is an old window with the lower half barred.  A light is mounted on the wall to the right of the window.  The wall is dirty.

window and light, Palace Hotel, at King and Strachan.


A red brick wall with an old door that has been bricked over.  A large new window has been added.  You can see the lights on inside.

Afternoon light.


A paper sticker showing three beer bottle shaped bottles with labels that say fish piss.

fish piss in the alley


Three small windows arranged vertically beside a rusted metal grille covering an air vent.  Black and white splotches have been painted around the window.

Black and white and speckled all over.  This was one in a series of five or six windows of various sizes along the same wall.  The black and white painting gave the wall an interesting look although I am not sure of pictures of the individual windows are all that interesting!


gold coloured poster on a dirty light grey garage door.  The poster says 2013 Lovebot Loveinvasion.  It has a picture of a light grey robot on it, with a red heart.

The alley I was walking down turned, but as I turned the corner I realized that I had come to a dead end. I spotted this poster on one of the garage doors that was there. According to the man standing inside one of the other garages, lots of people end up doing U-turns in front of his garage – including cars that come zooming around the corner, only to have to hit their brakes.



A sticker of a black hearted, square headed, yellow robot on a blue dumpster.

for more information about the lovebots, http://lovebot.com/about


This photo was taken while standing in a parking lot near the southeast corner of Adelaide and Bathurst streets.

The graffiti across the lower part of the building is by homebase.  Their website: http://www.homebasetoronto.com


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