Barbara Barrett lane is located in Harbord village.  It runs east-west and is immediately south of Bloor Street West between Borden Street and Brunswick Avenue.

The lane was recently named after Barbara Barrett who was the founder of the Toronto School of Art in 1969.  The school was originally located at Sussex and Brunswick.   Barbara died in 2005 in her 89th year.

Like many lanes and alleys in the area, there are a number of murals and interesting pieces of graffiti.

street art on a textured concrete wall showing stylized yellow birds sitting on a telephone wire.  A boy is sitting with them.

birds on a wire


mural showing a man's upper body and arm.  The head and hand are oversized.  The hand has been made to look like a head, with eyes on two of the fingers and a mouth with teeth on the palm of the hand. .

mural showing two large hands hold a Rubik's cube

solving Rubiks’s cube


A wall that is covered with a mural.  There is a one way sign on the wall.  It is pointing towards a window.

one way to the window


At the intersection of two alleys.  Straight ahead is a building covered with a large mural with large hands and a Rubik's cube amongst other things.  On the right is a one storey building with a poser tag in blues and maroons.

at the corner


Street art picture of a girl with long black hair, brown shorts and a pink top, sitting on a large swing.

girl on a swing.  She is in the entranceway to the Green Room restaurant.


A stencil in black of white of three stylized faces that have big smiling mouths.  They are on a yellow door.

smiling, laughing stencil faces


part of a mural on a wall.  It is also a parking space for zip cars.  The mural has a pale yellowish background.  It has blue an dpink tags as well as a picture of a man.

zipping around


part of a mural on a wall.  There is a door in the middle.  Part of the mural shows a large tree with a brown trunk and multicoloured leaves.

a door in the mural


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