Arts & Crafts at the Distillery District

Posted: August 6, 2013 in events
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It was a beautiful sunny holiday Monday.  I spent a short time at the distillery district with a friend.  A cold drink, seventy different arts & crafts vendors from Ontario and Quebec, and a magic show, added up to a  pleasant couple of hours.



pieces of felt in blue, red, grey and yellow hanging in a vendor's stall at an arts and crafts fair

A number of vendors were selling clothing, wall hangings, and other items, made from interesting fabrics.


A man is selling T-shirts with scenes of Toronto on them.  He is talking to a woman who is looking at the t-shirts.

T-shirts with Toronto scenes…. the skyline, a wall from Ossington subway station, a bench at Runnymede, a street car, and other Toronto scenes.  For more designs see Oula Design at


Piles of bookmarks  made from metal and colourful stones that have been organized in containers.

Bookmarks made from metal and colourful stones.


a light blue onesie with a diagram of a pair of lungs silkscreened on it.

Clothing with silkscreened or embroidered body parts on them made by Sylwanka Clothing. A onesie with lungs, and behind it panties with something else.


little pillows for sale that have the words "Do Not Disturb" embroidered on them

Do Not Disturb the pillows


Max the magician uses his magic wand to tap on a lemon.

Max the magician and his grand finale involving 3 cups, 3 little baseballs, one large baseball, a melon, numerous oranges and a twenty dollar bill in a lemon. The girl in purple was so expressive throughout the show – she was quiet but her body language was marvellous.


I hear that they are about to be exes.  Maybe it had something to do with his balls......

I hear that they are about to be exes. Maybe it had something to do with his balls……


four children sitting on the ground and watching a magic show.  Three are smiling, one is looking skeptical.

One is more skeptical than the others! (watching Max’s magic show)


3 legs - one with black pants, two with black & silver pants.  A black and white purse too.

… and of course there was people watching!

Artfest shows are held a few times a year in both Toronto and Kingston.  For more information on Artfest, check their website!


  1. Smash says:

    Great photos! It looks like this was a really fun day to be out enjoying everything that makes our city so awesome 🙂

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