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Posted: August 12, 2012 in graffiti and street art
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more graffiti and street art faces


street art painting of a brown woman's face, black hair and flowers in her hair.  Brown eyes, and smiling red lips


What used to be a painting of a woman's face on a gate.  A section of it has been covered over with brown cardboard so that her eyes and nose are no longer visible.  Stencil of a skull has been added to her forehead.  Graffiti Alley.

hidden identity


Black line anser face on grey concrete wall.  Some white horizontal lines on nose, cheeks and forehead.

sombre greys, Sterling Ave.


Graffiti painting of a topless woman from the waist up, long light brown hair,

the prude cropped version – she’s in an alley behind Bloor West between Keele and Dundas West subway stations


Street art painting in grey tones, a topless Bruce Lee  is standing behind the head and shoulders of Marilyn Munro.

Marilyn, Bruce Lee and the back of a car. In an alley behind Bloor West between Keele and Dundas West subway stations


Wheatpaste graffiti of a little man with a big oval shaped head, round empty eyes, big ears, and fangs.

big ears and fangs


the Queen of Hearts


a skull can be a face too – concrete and bone


faces outside the windows


pointing in anger


street art in black, white and grey of a large angry face with big teeth

creepy in black and white


Suspiria street art painting of a woman's head on an octopus body.  Blue flowing hair, a skull in her hair.

octopus personified


red blobby face


Two faces by elicser.   The upper one is larger and he has his eyes closed.   The bottom face is also a man's face and he's smaller and he has his finger pointing to the right of the picture.




angry army guy

angry in blue

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