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Yesterday Toronto got a brief respite from the frigid temperatures that we’ve been experiencing.   Instead, more snow fell.   I think that most of us are getting tired of this thing called winter, including me.  So, here are a few photos from inside the conservatory at Allan Gardens to brighten your day.

fan shaped arrangement of fern fronds in green and red, Allan Gardens conservatory

reddish coloured new growth on a green plant

close up shot of a dark pink and white tulip in bloom

close up macro photo of a bud on the end of a thorny stem

close up macro photograph of the center of a red poinsettia showing the stamens and other parts

three yellow daffodils

cedar branch in focus in the foregound with a bed of pink and yellow flowers out of focus and blurry in the background

A succulent plant with wide narrow leaves, view from the top, looking down at the top edges of the leaves
close up of the inside of a dark pink hibiscus flower with focus on the stamens.